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Routine Maintenance can prevent emergency hvac service calls in the future.

Each year your HVAC system loses about 5% of its initial efficiency without routine care. This means your system works harder each year to provide the same amount of cooling. Wear and tear without care will not only cost a lot more money in repairs and utilities but also decrease the value and lifespan of the system. Routine maintenance is the key to Avoid an HVAC service call. When your HVAC system is maintained twice a year it will have more capacity to serve you faithfully and economically for many years. Our maintenance agreement includes a 21-point assessment of performance, a new filter in your indoor unit, recommendations based on current performance, and when we leave – the assurance that your system is optimized for peak performance all year long. Contact Hammock’s AC and let us add value to your home with routine maintenance.


All about our service plans

Need a way to keep your system maintained and ready for anything? With our HVAC maintenance plans for Acworth and the surrounding areas, we have the perfect solution. Our variety of plans will provide your home with flexible options to suit your unique needs. Get the peace of mind you deserve and build a relationship with Acworth’s top HVAC service providers.

An HVAC system’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently over time. Neglecting these simple maintenance tasks causes a steady decline in your system’s performance, which increases the likelihood of repairs, higher utility bills, and other HVAC issues. Purchasing the top-rated HVAC maintenance plan in Acworth provides your home with the stable and consistent repairs it needs over time.

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