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Choose Hammocks AC when you  need hvac repair and service. We have been a reliable and best choice company to help fix your HVAC systems for over 20 years. Looking learn more about Hammocks AC?

Our highly trained personnel can quickly put your mind at ease with answers to your questions and a job well done. They will also clearly show you the advantages of all our services.

Our employees are highly skilled, educated, and certified in what they do and keep current with today’s products through continuous training and education. We are exceptional at servicing, repairing, and installing all makes and models of heating and cooling systems on the market today.

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You are important to us. In fact, while we are in your home our one and only focus is to take care of your needs. We will put booties over our shoes before stepping into your home and introduce ourselves upon arrival and take great care in cleaning up when we are finished. Our technicians are scheduled to arrive within the time-frame given with all the appropriate tools and supplies to diagnose the problem.

Rest assured we will do all we can to fix the problem in one visit if possible. Because in the end that makes both of our days better in the long run.

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Remembering Mr. Alan Timothy Hammock

it is a bittersweet time here at Hammock's AC, as we come upon the one-year anniversary of Tim's passing. Asa valued customer, we felt it was time to let you know and assure you that we are continuing in his name to grow his legacy. Decades ago, Tim worked for a man who owned an HVAC company, but didn't like his unscrupulous business practices. He set about learning all he could and in 1999 got his HVAC license so that he could start his own company. With one van, one helper, and an ad in the yellow pages he began to build his greatest pride and joy. His sister drove around and dropped off fliers in homes and his dad helped him with installations. It wasn't long before his neighbors started complaining about the traffic, and he had to move the business out of his home. He rented a little office off Old Canton Road in Marietta, serving the entire Atlanta metro area, and business continued to boom. The loss of Tim's eyesight in 2005 did not slow him down at all, and we soon moved to Acworth where we are now. ,

His Legacy continues with Mr. Kenny Hartman

Kenny Hartman was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, graduated in 1996 , from Universal Technical Institute in Chicago, and just after that moved to Atlanta. He came to Tim 12 years ago having already owned a company before and with more than 20 years' experience in the HVAC service industry. They developed a great friendship and partnership. Kenny worked the service side and Tim worked the installation side. Tim began talking to Kenny about taking over for him in 2015. He wanted to reward Kenny for his long-standing loyalty and great service to our customers, and in August of 2016 they signed an agreement and made it official. They should have had ten years for the transition, but life saw otherwise. We lost Tim unexpectedly on June 24". of last year. Part of their agreement was to keep the Hammock's name, and Kenny would have it no other way.

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Remembering Mr. Alan Timothy Hammock

Tim left us that day, but we carry on with a great determination to honor his legacy by continuing to provide excellent customer service at an always fair price. Kenny's mission in life is to do nothing but build on what Tim left behind. The past year we have grieved tremendously, and yet we have grown so much. Your support during this difficult time and your unwavering faithfulness to our small business has kept our eyes on the future, not on the past. we have a mission to complete left behind by Tim, and we are wholly committed to fulfilling it. Please spread the word to your friends and family that need a great Georgia heating and air conditioning company. We look forward to seeing you the next time you're in need.

Take care,
Your Hammock's AC Family