Why Does My HVAC System Smell Musty?

If you are noticing a musty smell from your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, there is one likely cause: the presence of mold or mildew growing in it. There are many places where mold and mildew may be growing in your HVAC unit and several different ways to reduce or eliminate it. Why an […]

Dale Investigates: HVAC System Scheme

https://youtu.be/baFrgAKIyAMRecently, some major heating and cooling dealers in the metro Atlanta area have been advertising some wild offers for HVAC systems and they definitely got my attention. Something didn’t seem right…so I decided to investigate. The Hook: Low monthly payments don’t start for 90 days No up-front costs Lifetime maintenance – including filter changes and […]

Keep your family warm with winter HVAC maintenance

Winter HVAC Maintenance The cold weather is upon us. Most people assume that if you turn on the heat and as long as it’s blowing warm air they think they’ll be fine until spring. Here’s what usually happens though: 1. A cold front comes through and your system can’t handle the strain of running for […]

Benefits of Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are becoming the new norm in many American homes. When used correctly, they can positively affect your home, comfort and bank account. If you have considered making the switch, here are a few things to know. Savings on your utility bill Did you know that just one degree can translate to 2 percent […]

A New HVAC System- Consider this advice

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems often consume the largest portion of household energy use and, therefore, can leave a dent on monthly budgets. One way to shrink these bills would be to replace your aging HVAC system with a newer, more energy efficient unit. Before you begin the process of deciding on which new […]

Q & A about Air Conditioning

If you have air conditioning, you may have some concerns about when it may need some professional attention. You may even wonder if it’s time to invest in a new cooling solution. At Hammock’s AC, we like to be as helpful as possible when meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in the north […]

Should You Repair or Replace your AC Unit?

An air conditioning unit can be a hefty financial investment for most families. The decision to replace your AC unit or repair your existing one is hard. Here are some general guidelines to help determine the best option. Age of Unit An ac unit is typically near the end of its lifespan at the fifteen-year […]

Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill Each Month

How much do you spend on your electric bill each month? The average consumer spends approximately $2,200 annually for energy costs in their home. That equals just over $200 each month simply to heat, cool, and power the home. Those numbers are shocking! If you’d like to save on your energy bill, Hammock’s AC has […]

Why Does Your Furnace Smell?

After surviving another long, hot summer, dropping temperatures come as a welcomed change. But when the temperatures dip too low, turning on your furnace for the first time might not be as pleasant as you think. It’s not uncommon to have an odd furnace smell in the air when using your HVAC for the first […]

The 4 Reasons for an AC Tune Up

An air conditioner is put under a lot of pressure during the hot summer months. This is especially true in Atlanta where the air conditioner rarely gets to turn off for half the year. This hard workload can potentially damage the unit over time if you are not careful. Luckily, it is fairly easy to […]

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