Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill Each Month

Save on your Electric bill

How much do you spend on your electric bill each month? The average consumer spends approximately $2,200 annually for energy costs in their home. That equals just over $200 each month simply to heat, cool, and power the home. Those numbers are shocking! If you’d like to save on your energy bill, Hammock’s AC has some tips to make it simple.

Tip One:

Use appliances at the appropriate times. The time of day that you decide to use certain appliances makes a difference in the amount of energy you consume and the costs of your monthly electric bill. When it’s hot outside, use the oven, clothes dryer, dishwasher, and other appliances that generate heat during the early morning hours or late in the evening when temperatures outside are cooler. This prevents the A/C from working harder to cool the home, in turn keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Tip Two:

Service the A/C unit. An annual A/C tuneup is the best solution to breakdowns and costly mishaps during the year. It also keeps the A/C in great condition so it works efficiently. Call Hammocks HVAC Service to schedule maintenance and we’ll send out one of our technicians to inspect, service, and repair the unit. This regular maintenance can chop as much as 40 percent from your monthly electric bill and create more comfort in the home for the whole family. We offer professional, friendly, and efficient service from certified experts who want to take care of your needs.

Tip Three:

Turn on the ceiling fans switch on the ceiling fans to circulate cool air through the home, reducing the work the A/C must provide to cool the house. You can switch the thermostat down three or four degrees when the ceiling fan circulates air through the home.

Tip Four:

Don’t forget about phantom energy. All those electronics plugged into the wall outlet use energy even when not in use. Many people keep items like phone chargers and game consoles constantly plugged in, draining their energy in the process. Purchase a power strip to plug all your cords into. Switch off the power strip at night or when the items are not in use to keep energy costs down.

Tip Five:

Inspect your home and you’ll likely find numerous sources of energy loss that can be repaired fairly quickly and affordably. After the repairs, energy bills go down and you enjoy a safer, more appealing house. Take a look around window sills and doors to look for cracks and gaps that allow air to enter/exit the home. Check baseboards and behind appliances for the same issues. A little caulk resolves most issues via a DIY job.

How Hammock’s AC Can Help

Simple lifestyle changes can reduce the costs of electric bills/energy costs every month. The tips above are a few of the many that reduce the costs of your monthly expenses. Put these ideas and others, to use to save more of your hard-earned money. Another good idea is to call Hammock’s AC for scheduled maintenance. Our skilled and friendly technicians will you give you the best advice and help you save even more in the future. Give us a call or contact us through out website!