Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning

The temperature in a home can be a constant debate. While one person may like it warmer, others may like it constantly colder. No one enjoys sweating through the night or freezing as they wake up; however, there is a solution: zoned air conditioning. In this article, we’ll highlight the benefits of zoned air conditioning in your home

Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning

The Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning

Zoned air conditioning provides a single room of a home, a specific section, or the entire floor with its own temperature. Think of this: if someone wants a little extra coolness at night, they can set the zoned system to a lower degree than the rest of the house. This way, they get the exact comfort they desire without affecting others in the house. Fighting over the thermostat can become a thing of the past. 

Different Floors

If your home has two stories, a zoned air conditioning plan will provide a unique cooling solution for both stories. Since a top story tends to stay hotter due to the natural rise of heat, a zoned air conditioning system can work harder to cool off the top portion of your home. Even if you don’t have multiple floors, zoned air conditioning will work well with high or vaulted ceilings, large windows, or finished attics or basements. 

Specialized Rooms

If your home has unused guest bedrooms, it may be unnecessary to keep it as cool as the other rooms in your home since it is rarely used. In the case of a home gym, it may be necessary to keep it cooler than other rooms in your home. Each unique home scenario provides a range of options that can be changed on the fly for whatever needs you may have. 

Sun-Lit Rooms

Sunrooms or rooms with large glass windows often struggle to stay cool. To some families, it becomes difficult to enjoy the perks these rooms offer. In the summer, you can program your system to cool this room at a higher rate than others. During the winter months, it can be the opposite scenario and minimize the amount of heat channeled into that room. Benefits of Zoned Air Conditioning

How AC Zoning Works

A zoned air conditioning system will work differently based on a home having ductless or duct AC. A ductless system is automatically zoned. HVAC units that use ducts will need to have additional work for the installation of zoned HVAC. The amount of cold air directed into each zone in a house is done by utilizing electronic dampers. These dampers will work like small valves. They are strategically placed in a home’s ductwork and control the amount of cold air that goes into a room. These dampers will be controlled by either multiple thermostats located in different areas of a home or a central thermostat. The dampers are designed to alter the amount of conditioned air flowing into a zone depending on the temperature someone has selected on a thermostat.


One of the most significant benefits of having a zoned AC system is the comfort it provides. Zoned AC can accommodate people in the same home who want different temperatures. When zoned AC is utilized, it can keep each member of a family comfortable and happy. Fighting over the temperature will be a thing of the past.

Energy Savings

When a regular air conditioning unit is used to cool an entire home, it can be very costly. When a homeowner has zoned air conditioning in their house, they will no longer have to pay the cost to cool rooms they don’t use. Zoned air conditioning makes it possible to only cool the rooms they choose.


It is a little more expensive to install a zoned AC system when compared to installing a larger unit. This additional cost is earned back over time by all the money saved from a decrease in a home’s energy bill.

Longer Life

When independent thermostats are utilized for each zone in a home, its HVAC system doesn’t have to work hard to keep a single temperature in a home. When the temperature in unused parts of a home is decreased, it also decreases the draw on the overall system. This will place less stress on the AC unit and extend the life of the whole system.

One of the best ways to keep a family comfortable during the hot months of the year is with a zoned HVAC system. They will come with options such as remote controls, fan controls, humidity controls, and more. Each of them is able to be independently adjusted. 

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