Should You Repair or Replace your AC Unit?

An air conditioning unit can be a hefty financial investment for most families. The decision to replace your AC unit or repair your existing one is hard. Here are some general guidelines to help determine the best option. Age of Unit An ac unit is typically near the end of its lifespan at the fifteen-year […]

Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill Each Month

How much do you spend on your electric bill each month? The average consumer spends approximately $2,200 annually for energy costs in their home. That equals just over $200 each month simply to heat, cool, and power the home. Those numbers are shocking! If you’d like to save on your energy bill, Hammock’s AC has […]

Top Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your Home

Maintaining the quality of the air inside your home is important for the health of your family. Many common household items can release harmful pollutants into your home that can create problems if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are many air quality solutions available that allow homeowners to greatly improve indoor air quality.Homeowners are often surprised […]

Why Does Your Furnace Smell?

After surviving another long, hot summer, dropping temperatures come as a welcomed change. But when the temperatures dip too low, turning on your furnace for the first time might not be as pleasant as you think. It’s not uncommon to have an odd furnace smell in the air when using your HVAC for the first […]

The 4 Reasons for an AC Tune Up

An air conditioner is put under a lot of pressure during the hot summer months. This is especially true in Atlanta where the air conditioner rarely gets to turn off for half the year. This hard workload can potentially damage the unit over time if you are not careful. Luckily, it is fairly easy to […]

Safety Tips To Consider Before You Turn On Furnace

With winter right around the corner, the chillier days are almost upon us. With that said, many homes are gearing up to turn on their furnaces. If you’re bringing your furnace out of retirement, there are some considerations to bear in mind to ensure that you stay out of harm’s way. Here are some safety […]

Common Winter HVAC Issues

Remove Dust Just like the frequent Game of Thrones saying, winter is coming and it’s much sooner than you think. Despite a range of unseasonably warm temperatures followed by cold spells, the winter months will bring cold temperatures back to the area and many common winter HVAC issues with it. These cold temperatures, freezes, and […]

Why Spring is the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance

Why Spring is the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance With spring rolling around and the new sunny hours, the birds chirping, and the warmer weather, a lot of people enjoy a good spring cleaning. On top of cleaning out old clothes and rearranging the living room, an often-overlooked task is to have your HVAC unit […]

Is a Smart Thermostat right for your home?

Is a Smart Thermostat right for your home? by Hammock’s HVAC Hundreds of thousands of households are converting themselves to what you could consider “smart homes”. While the term invokes images of voice-activated lights and robot butlers, even something as simple as having an Alexa speaker technically makes a home “smart”. One of the best […]

Top 3 Reasons Your A/C Unit is not Cooling

Top 3 Reasons Your A/C Unit isn’t Cooling – & How to Fix Them As we come into summer, and go from using the heat to using the air, you might realize your A/C unit isn’t cooling the house like it should be. There could be a few reasons for this, and luckily, some of […]

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