Your HVAC system could be costing you!

A little adds up to a lot over time! Let’s have a look at your HVAC system to see if it might be costing you money and wasting energy.

Problem: The wrong size HVAC system cause higher energy bills

An HVAC system that is either too big or too small has the potential to raise energy bills because they require more energy to cycle on and off rapidly (too small) or leave your house feeling like it’s on a temperature roller coaster (too big). Since the system is designed to evenly cool or heat your home as it senses temperature through the thermostat, an older system can run too much or too little to get the best performance for your unique setting.

Solution: Contacting HVAC professionals to determine the right size for your home. We have a number of specialized tools and techniques that allow for a perfect match between your home and the right HVAC system.

Problem: Skipping Maintenance

Skipping this process can save a few extra dollars during the spring and summer, but it also leads to more expenses during the colder seasons. There are many electronic parts that can wear out, having a finite life cycle, not to mention the moving parts like the blower that need cleaning and lubrication to last for it’s rated lifespan. A small repair now can save you headaches and bigger repairs later!

Solution: Sign up for a maintenance plan. A Maintenance could help you anticipate issues and solve them before they cause a breakdown right when you need heating or cooling! That’s not to mention that there are a lot of other maintenance-procrastinators who need a fix right at the same time!

Problem: Neglecting Air Filters

When your air filter needs to be replaced, don’t postpone it. Air filters are themselves inexpensive for what they do, but cause expensive issues if neglected. Once they become too clogged, they can cause the unit to fail or run inefficiently.

Solution: Periodically Check Air Filters. By checking every three months you can monitor just how much dust and dirt your air filter collects. Better yet, put a reminder in your calendar to change the filter every quarter! Some electronic thermostats or internet-connected models can be set to sense and remind you when it’s time.

Problem: Choosing the Cheapest Option

Homeowners often want to get the best item for the lowest price when it comes to financing their homes. “You get what you pay for” holds especially true for HVAC units.  In fact, this can lead to more costs down the line if you have to pay for more repairs than if you had paid for an expensive system up front.

Solution: Weigh Costs and Benefits

Look for the newest model, weigh the costs and benefits, and look at the ratings that other homeowners have given that HVAC system so you can see which is worth your time. You may find that a more expensive HVAC system up front will turn out to be less expensive over time because you won’t have to worry about as many repairs.

Here at Hammocks, we can help you fine tune the variables for your HVAC choice. We have installed and serviced thousands of units in many different applications, so call on our experience and expertise to help with your choice.