Why You Need a Furnace Check Every Year

Many homes go years without a proper furnace check. Most of the time, our machinery runs smoothly and without us having to do any major upkeep. When it breaks, it often costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars and the major inconvenience of temporarily living without heat. In some cases, these furnace checks can help you find

Thankfully, there are many things you can do in order to prevent such a catastrophe. Having this machinery checked once a year may be the most important action you can take. Here are four reasons why you need a furnace check every year.

The Fine Print

Virtually every major manufacturer says that you should have this machinery professionally inspected at least once a year. This can help you find trouble spots and fix a problem before it starts. Consider this: failure to get this machinery inspected annually may void your warranty. This is because this appliance is built with the assumption that they can only work if inspected on an annual basis and a failure to do that means you are using the device outside of the recommended manufacturer parameters. This voids your warranty and potentially costs you a huge sum if something breaks that otherwise could have been covered.

Annual inspections keep the system running at its top shape. Additionally, any gas leaks can be spotted and rectified as quickly as possible to keep your home safe.Why You Need a Furnace Check Every Year

A Long List of Checks

Furnaces are a series of very complicated parts. If not checked regularly, many issues can crop up. Vents can become blocked, heat exchangers can rust, gases can become unbalanced and flames can burn too hot or too cold. Any of these issues can lead to a major malfunction. These malfunctions can ultimately become very dangerous or costly, and preventative maintenance is always cheaper than a major repair. It’s worth noting this critical point: Some experts believe that up to 75% of heating problems related to furnace could have been prevented with regular maintenance. It is certainly worth listening to the experts here.

Saving Money 

Remember, when it comes to preventative maintenance, you are talking about more than just staving off an expensive problem or doing repairs. You’re also discussing making sure that your furnace is running at peak efficiency. In this case, efficiency means making sure that the device is working as it was designed. This ultimately saves you money when it comes to expenses related to energy consumption. Don’t look at the costs of preventative maintenance as an expense. Instead, view it as an investment.

Deadly If You Aren’t Careful

Even if you don’t think it is necessary and consider regular inspections to be a scam, remember – this heating device can kill you. If something goes wrong, gets backed up or breaks, it can lead to more than a couple of days without heat – it can result in a deadly carbon monoxide build up in your house, and this can cause serious injury or death to you and your loved ones. It is simply not worth skipping this major expense to save a few bucks.

Contact Hammock’s AC

Our highly-skilled technicians can ensure your furnace is running at safe levels for the entire winter. We’ll help you decide what repairs can wait and what repairs, if applicable, need to be done as soon as possible. To learn more about furnace repairs and maintenance, contact one of our incredible technicians. We’ll help you understand why you need a furnace check every year.