Why Spring is Best for HVAC Maintenance

When spring rolls around, most homeowners use this opportunity to begin cleaning their homes after a harsh winter. Besides cleaning out old clothes and other items, it’s important to remember to check your HVAC unit and clean it thoroughly. In this article, we’ll highlight a few reasons why spring is the best for HVAC maintenance.

Transition Between Heat and Cool Smoothly

After a full winter of running only your heater, your cooling unit has been off for quite some time. In this case, an HVAC system is just like a car. When you don’t run it for a while, it struggles to get up to speed for the first few days; however, if you prepare your unit, it’ll run at its best levels as soon as you turn it on. 

A professional can take a look at the unit and ensure that all of the parts are in working order. If anything needs to be fixed or replaced, they can quickly repair it. In this scenario, the benefit is clear: your system will run at its best level the first time you use it. 

Remove Dust

Just like anything else sitting idle for an extended period of time, an HVAC system that isn’t running will gather up a lot of dust and debris. This is why it’s important to go ahead and clean the system. When your system continues to pull outside air into the unit, you could possibly breathe in this dirty air. These filters should be replaced immediately to avoid a possible illness later on.

Cleaning your filters yourself may seem like a great idea, but we must remind you that it could damage your unit if you’re not careful. Switching a filter out may seem simple, but an HVAC system has a wide range of delicate parts. In this case, it’s better for a trained service technician to remove or clean the filter for you.

Spring is a great time to have this done because the professional can remove all of the dust that was built up during the winter. When the spring comes, you’ll have a brand new filter ready to be used for cooling. Considering all of the pollen that is released during the spring, you’ll want your filter to be ready to handle it.

Brief Break

Spring’s mild temperatures are a great time to make the necessary maintenance your system may need. The temperatures are warm enough not to need heat, but also cool enough so you don’t need to keep your HVAC running. This makes it easier for a technician to get to whatever parts needed and fix them quickly. Luckily, you won’t notice much of a difference in comfort. 

In colder areas, spring also gives a long-desired break from the snow. Some HVAC units can be buried beneath the snow which can make maintenance more difficult. With the snow gone, professionals can easily access the unit and take a look at it. They can spot any troublesome areas and repair them as needed.

The temperatures also haven’t progressed into the unpleasant summer heat. This allows the professional to work comfortably outside.

Increase Lifespan

Regular maintenance on your HVAC system allows its lifespan to extend. Instead of wearing it down by forcing it to use the same outdated parts over and over, your system can work efficiently as it’s given new parts each year. 

You need to choose a time when you’ll remember to have a professional maintain your unit. Often, many HVAC companies run some of their best deals before their peak season in the summer hits. You’ll get great service and an incredible deal in one package! 

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