Why HVAC Cleaning is a Good Idea

Are you thinking about scheduling maintenance to your HVAC system? There is growing debate over whether cleaning your system is actually beneficial or not, but here at Hammock’s AC, we promote HVAC maintenance. Overtime your air conditioning unit can collect dust and dirt, which can make your unit not perform to the correct standards to cool your home. In this blog, we have detailed more reasons why you should schedule regular HVAC cleanings.

Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

It is very important to keep up-to-date with the cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning unit. To keep the HVAC up and running, it is necessary to continue regular maintenance of its coils, fins and filters. This way your unit will constantly be available for your use on those hot and humid days. Without doing so, the unit will not perform with the correct way and it will slowly decline in its efficiency to cool your home. Another problem would be that your energy costs will rise even though your unit’s function is decreasing.

The most important part of your air conditioner is the filter. Any unit that is operating with a dirty and clogged filter will block or slow its airflow. When this occurs, any air that does get through the filter could carry dirt right into the evaporator coil and decrease that coil’s capacity to absorb heat. Just by replacing a dirty filter will lower your unit’s energy consumption by as much as 5% to 15%.

There are filters that can be reused, however, some of them need to be replaced. Replacing or cleaning the filter should be done each month or two during hot weather when the unit is used the most. If there are pets or dust in the home, this may be needed more often.

The unit’s condenser coil and evaporator coil will collect dust and dirt over time. Replacing the dirty filter will help to keep the evaporator coil cleaner for a longer time. Still, it will continue to collect dirt. This coil should be cleaned and check each year.

The condenser coils that are outside will become dirtier if there are trees, bushes, or dust located outdoors. It is easy to see the dirt when located on the coil’s fins. Falling leaves, the lawn mower and dryer vents all contribute to the dirt on the condenser unit. This area should be kept clean to allow proper airflow near the condenser.

To keep the condensate drains clean, a stiff wire can be passed through the channels of the drain. If these drains are clogged, humidity will not be reduced and the carpets or walls may be discolored by the moisture.

Prior to the beginning of the cooling season, the seal between the window frame and air conditioner needs to be inspected to be sure that it has proper contact with the metal case. This seal can also be damaged by moisture which can prevent the cooler air from staying in your house. Also, in the winter, the room unit should be removed and stored or covered. 

Why You Should Call Hammock’s for HVAC Cleaning

Hiring a professional, like Hammock’s AC, to do more than regular maintenance is a must. Our technicians have experience and knowledge and will find and solve your unit’s problems. A technician should test for refrigerant leaks and for the correct amount of refrigerant. They will also capture the refrigerant that may be released into the atmosphere illegally.

A professional will seal and check for duct leakage. The technician should also measure the airflow coming through the evaporator coil, check the belts and oil motors for wear and tightness and check the thermostat for its accuracy. Other tasks needed to be done by the professional include applying a non-conductive coating if the electric terminals and connections need that, and being sure that the cooling system and heating system do not function simultaneously.

Even though it is important to maintain your own HVAC unit, Hammock’s technicians are there to do the work that cannot be done on your own. If you need maintenance or HVAC cleaning call Hammock’s AC today!