What is an indoor air scrubber?

indoor air scrubberHome air quality has become a major worry considering the fact that such a large amount of time is spent inside, regardless of whether it is at home or at work. Approximately 90 percent of our time is spent inside; if there are any irritating components in the indoor air, it might be worth a look at how to remove them with an indoor air scrubber.

With so much time spent indoors, the state of your home’s air can greatly affect your health, especially for sufferers of lung issues like Asthma. While many of us know about the issues presented by bad outdoor air quality, indoor pollution is frequently ignored.

Air scrubbers are commonly used by mold remediation specialists and other professionals to remove contaminants and improve the overall air quality directing the exhaust airflow to the outside through a window or door.

Portable Air Scrubbers

A portable Air Scrubber has a small footprint and can be placed in any room where poor air quality is suspected or has been confirmed. Like most filtration products, air scrubbers use filters to cleanse and help remove contaminants as the air is circulated through the unit. Several times every hour, the scrubber draws in the air contained in a space and expels the same air, now free from impurities.

Portable air scrubbers feature high-RPM motors, high-efficiency blowers, and an upright cabinet design. While each air scrubber unit is different, all units follow a similar process with multiple filters that remove 99.97% of airborne particles. If a HEPA filter is used in the unit, it is able to filter a considerable amount more than a regular filter. The HEPA filter will capture small particles such as mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, dust and many other airborne contaminants.

Whole-House HVAC air scrubbers

indoor air scrubber

In recent years, technology has allowed a device to be designed, engineered, and manufactured to be installed as an Air Scrubber in your existing HVAC system and in effect purify the air in your entire home. The technology is based on similar equipment NASA produces for manned space flights. The concept was applied to address the issues created by airtight modern home construction and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from COPD, asthma, allergies and immune system deficiencies.

A residential whole-house HVAC air scrubber can clean and disinfect almost all the air in your home as it circulates through each room and returns to the HVAC unit for heating or cooling. They are designed to be installed inside your existing ductwork, positioned immediately after the air handler. Various brands and models use slightly different methods to cleanse and purify the indoor air. When you turn on your air conditioning system, the air flows through a honeycomb filter matrix with a strong UV germicidal lamp incorporated inside the unit which works to break up and alter the structure of smoke, gases and other impurities in the air. The system is also effective in killing bio-organisms such as viruses, mold spores, and fungi.

A residential HVAC air scrubber is a low maintenance air decontamination device installed in your existing air conditioning system, and could be a great benefit to helping you breathe a bit easier in your own home.