Top reasons your HVAC is not working

Top reasons your HVAC is not workingA heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is always on the job since it helps maintain your home’s comfort year-round. So, you definitely want to be on the ball when it comes to spotting a potential problem at a time when HVAC repair can be performed with minimal inconvenience on your part. With this goal in mind, we present some of the common reasons why an HVAC system may not be working or functioning efficiently.

Your Thermostat is not working

Your HVAC system isn’t going to be able to effectively keep you and your family comfy if the thermostat isn’t registering the right in-home temperature. This is just one example of possible thermostat issues that could affect your heating and cooling equipment. Signs you may have a bad thermostat include:

• AC or heating that doesn’t turn off
• Replacing batteries doesn’t fix the problem
• Your furnace or AC doesn’t respond to thermostat adjustments

Inconsistent Heating/Cooling

It’s understandable for temperatures to vary slightly from room to room. But if you are noticing that certain areas of your home are suddenly not being sufficiently heated and cooled, consider it a sign that something is going on with your HVAC system. The problem may be something minor, but it’s still not an issue you’ll want to ignore. A blocked duct or something similar will shorten the life of any HVAC unit.

Unusual Noises During Operation

Some minor noises are a normal part of air conditioning and heating operations. However, other system noises could be a sign of a problem that requires professional attention. A whining or squealing motor, for example, could mean your blower motor is about to fail. Have the motor replaced when you first start hearing odd sounds could avoid a complete system failure. Noisy operations could also be sign of the following issues:

• Loose components
• An unbalanced blower
• Compressor problems
• Defective electronic parts
• Loose or faulty fans

HVAC is not working because of a dirty or clogged filter

One possible reason for a sudden reduction in your HVAC system’s ability to heat and cool your home could be a dirty or clogged filter. A filter that’s dirty will also make your AC or furnace components work harder, which could mean higher utility bills. A clogged or dirty filter can have a big impact on your comfort by:

• Affecting your indoor air quality
• Increasing the need for repairs
• Putting more wear and tear on other HVAC parts

Dampers That Aren’t Balanced Right

The purpose of a damper is to regulate airflow within ducts. If your dampers aren’t properly balanced, you may notice that certain rooms are hotter or cooler than others. An HVAC professional can check your airflow dampers to make sure everything is properly adjusted for the upcoming season. A trained technician can also give you some tips on how to make adjustments yourself so you can fine-tune your comfort.

Water Leaks

High efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are both capable of producing condensation. If you are noticing unusual water accumulation, it could be due to a leaky or cracked drain line. The collector box, heat exchanger, and evaporator drain pan could also be responsible for water leaks. A trained technician can pinpoint the source of a leak and recommend an appropriate fix.

Lack of Maintenance

Modern HVAC systems are designed to be low maintenance. But this doesn’t mean you can completely ignore your system for years at a time. It’s a good idea to get your heating and cooling system checked if you can’t recall the last time you did so. You can also benefit from a routine inspection if you’ve just moved into a home with an existing HVAC system.

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