Three Ways to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring 2020

It may only be January, but the spring temperatures will quickly sneak up on Atlanta-area residents. Georgia’s weather is unpredictable, so it’s always difficult to predict how hot or cool it may be. If you enjoy flowers blooming, hotter temperatures, and longer days, you’ll welcome spring with open arms. When the temperatures begin to transition, your HVAC system will be switching from heating to cooling. This can put a strain on your system; however, with the right steps, your systems can be primed and ready for the increasing heat. Here are three ways to prepare your HVAC ready for Spring 2020

Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC System

First, opting to replace your home’s HVAC filters will benefit in more ways than you expect. You’ll save money, breathe better, and air will circulate throughout your home easier. This can help increase the longevity of your units. It’s best to replace your filters once every month or two, especially in areas that boast high pollen counts. If you opt to skip filter replacements for an extended period of time, you could create a duct issue for your home and eventually will need a duct cleaning that could be expensive.

Next, consider cleaning around your outside units. Winter tends to bring a wide range of conditions. These conditions can cause buildup outside your units, which could interfere with your unit’s ability to work efficiently. The buildup around the unit can cause long term damage to the internal components. 

Thermostat Upgrade

Is your thermostat old and dirty? Chances are, age has caused it to slowly become inaccurate and unpredictable. Since the spring welcomes pleasant temperatures, it’s the perfect time to make changes to your home’s air system. A programmable thermostat comes with some great perks. Better temperature regulation, schedule building, and mobile control benefit your home more than your old thermostat would. For example, you can teach your programmable thermostat to keep a higher or lower temperature while you’re away for the day. As soon as you leave at 7:30 am, the thermostat could bring the cooling up from 72 to 78. This means your home stays a little hotter while no one is home, which can save you money each month. Then, roughly an hour before you return home, the programmable thermostat can kick the temperature back down to a comfortable 72 degrees. Just as important, a programmable thermostat is more accurate than the older models. Make the switch and save up to 20% on your utility bill throughout the year. We’ve linked a few examples here

Find Issues Before It Gets Too Hot

Imagine your air conditioning running smoothly throughout the spring. Everything seems to work fine, but it tends to make a loud noise on occasion. You pay it little mind, but soon you’re left without air conditioning in the blistering summer heat. Now, it’s boiling in your house and the repairs are costly. How could this be avoided?

While not all issues can be prevented with maintenance, preventative care can keep your units running better for a longer period of time. Emergency issues can still be possible but will be fewer and further in between. For this, we recommend one of our valuable maintenance plans. With our Monthly Maintenance Plans, we offer multiple perks that benefit you such as discounts, priority service, and waived fees. Our two levels, Gold and Silver, can fit any home’s budget with monthly payments, discounted services, and discounted parts. Click here to find out more information about our maintenance plans.

Choose Hammock’s AC This Spring

Hammock’s AC will get your home ready for any level of Georgia’s wild weather conditions. No matter the temperature outside, we want to create comfortable living conditions for your home by following these ways to prepare your HVAC system for Spring 2020. We’re family-owned and operated in Acworth, Georgia and offer 24/7 emergency services and strive to exceed your HVAC expectations on each job. To learn more about our services or schedule a service call or inspection, please visit our website at the link below. Remember, we’re not comfortable until you are!