Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Georgians spend a massive amount of money on staying cool over the summer months. According to iProperty Management, an average Georgia resident spends approximately 2.97% of their annual income on electricity alone. If you’ve received a bill that’s way over what you’d like to pay, we hope to help you find a variety of ways to begin lowering your electricity bill. 

When blistering hot summers drive up your utilities, there are a few ways to make the changes necessary to lower your electricity bill. These changes can be as simple as changing your filters to as complex as checking important parts of your HVAC system.

Take a Step and Create a Plan

On most electricity bills, there’s a breakdown of your monthly usage information. For Georgia Power, this information is located on a bar graph in the bottom right-hand corner. From here, you can compare your monthly usage against previous bills. Keep in mind seasonal changes play a major role in your energy bill. This means a Georgia summer could skyrocket your bill if you’re not careful.

After reviewing your breakdown, it’s important to begin planning how you’ll minimize your energy consumption. While some immediate improvements can be made, others take time to do. Begin by making some of these immediate improvements habitual and begin to see small improvements over time. This includes turning lights off, unplugging items that aren’t in use, and raising your home’s temperature while you’re away for the day. Here’s a quick list of fixes that can help you make those improvements:

  • Seal up anywhere air can escape
  • Wash laundry with cold water
  • Air-dry clothing
  • Change to energy-efficient lightbulbs
  • Replace air filters monthly

Use Energy-efficient Appliances

When buying new home appliances, ensure that you look at the appliance’s energy rating. Determine the power consumption and make sure to look out for the energy star. Check the appliances in your house and determine whether they are energy-efficient. While energy-savers could be slightly more expensive, the savings will pay for the additional cost in a matter of time. 

Check Your HVAC System

An HVAC system’s efficiency can make or break your power bill. If you’re comfortable doing it alone, begin checking your HVAC system. First, consider the system’s age. If it’s 10+ years old, your system could begin losing efficiency through wear and tear. Even if a system has been kept in perfect condition, it will begin to slowly deteriorate over time; however, if this isn’t an option for you, there are other improvements you can make.

Staying on top of your maintenance keeps your system running efficiently for as long as possible. This means that every small piece of equipment will be working as it’s intended. Additionally, consider changing your system’s filters to ensure clean and clear airflow throughout your home. Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Program Your Home

A programmable thermostat’s flexibility makes it an incredible asset to your home. In a prior article, we wrote about the scheduling system’s ability to change the temperature of your home based on your schedule. If you’re gone from 7 AM to 6 PM, you could program your home to let it be warmer whenever you’re not home to save money on electricity. Right as you come home, program the system to kick back on so that you can walk into a cool home.  

Minimize Laundry

You can schedule specific days to do all the household laundry. This way, you can minimize using your dryer often and reduce your energy costs. It would help if you also avoided over-drying as it increases your energy bill. 

Additionally, check the dryer ducts and ensure they are not clogged. A dryer with clogged dryers reduces efficiency and increases its power consumption.

Installing Smart Switches and Motion Sensors

Motion sensors will help to turn lights on and off when necessary. They can be an excellent addition to your security and bedroom lights. You may also consider lighting additions with in-built motion sensors to save you the hustle and the extra costs.

Additionally, you can add timers to your home fans so that the fans run when needed. The smart switch may also be added to your showers to minimize the time spent heating shower water.

Contact Hammock’s AC to start Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Lowering your electricity bill can seem like an impossible task if you’re unsure where to start. At Hammock’s AC, we strive to give our customers the best tools possible to lower their electricity bills. Call us today to get your system maintenance check. Remember, we’re not comfortable until you are!