Looking for a Career in HVAC?

Career in HVACHave you ever thought about becoming an HVAC technician or the steps you must take to become a specialist in that field? The training is competitive and technicians need a superior skill set to succeed, but the pay can be very good. Let’s investigate the hiring trends and certification requirements to become one of the most important skilled laborers around.

What does it take to achieve a career in HVAC?

This information will discuss what it takes to be a successful HVAC employee, and the steps required to develop a career in the field.

Thorough Knowledge In Different Home Systems

Technicians usually have an array of different skills. They must know how HVAC systems work, their electronic control systems and installation methods. Initial training covers the fundamentals of cooling and heating systems, how to work with duct systems, thread and install different gas piping and various ventilation methods. The more a technician knows, the more valuable they are to a company.

HVAC Careers require good customer service

Any home contractor must be able to deliver great customer service and selling skills in addition to mastery of their work. People not only pay for service, but the experience they have with you can determine whether or not they become a repeat customer. A technician must be able to build a good rapport with the customer and answer all their questions thoroughly. It’s essential that a customer feels they can trust you while you are in their home.

Solve HVAC problems quickly and efficiently

When an HVAC employer hires a technician, they really like those who can size up and troubleshoot problems quickly with the resources at hand. Most training programs and apprenticeships provide plenty of practice with diagnosing and eliminating HVAC issues. Not only will you have to be thoughtful about solutions, but you will also need to keep an eye on profitability and time.

HVAC Career Options

HVAC companies are looking for technicians that are highly motivated and are continuously improving their skills. They can go into a wide variety of different fields. Ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating are a good start, but you could also move on to related fields like plumbing and electric. Some HVAC specialist not only have skills in installation and maintenance methods but also receive HVAC engineering training.

Some HVAC installers or maintenance providers go for an associates degree in which they can complete in 24 months plus a training period at their company. Or, you can opt for an apprenticeship approach which can take up to four years. Both options offer on job training and classroom instruction. You’ll learn air flow physics, pipefitting, plumbing, electronics, refrigerant handling, sheet metal fabrication and more.

We’re always looking for good people who like the idea of making our homes and businesses more comfortable and healthy. Find out more about our current openings for a career in HVAC here.

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