How to Save on Your Electricity Each Month


Tons of homeowners are needlessly throwing money out of the window because they don’t understand their HVAC system. To keep that money in a homeowner’s wallet, we’ve created a few tips on how to make changes to better your energy consumption. With these tips, you can learn how to save on your electricity each month.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance saves you far more than just money on your electricity bills. It can save you from costly fixes that can easily be avoided. First, it’s important to understand that an HVAC system is just like a car or truck. Just as you would maintain your vehicle, your HVAC system deserves the same respect. To save money, your unit must fire as efficiently as possible. This requires regular inspections on fans, bearings, filters, and leak spots.

In Georgia, your HVAC system may run year-round. Blazing hot summers mixed with mild winters keep the Coastal Empire’s AC systems endlessly running. Naturally, parts begin to wear down. These worn parts cause other parts of your HVAC system to work harder to accommodate the worn part’s shortcomings.  


Your unit must be cleaned on occasion for it to run properly; however, we must air caution in how you approach this task. Countless small parts make up an HVAC system. If tampered with, these parts can fail in unison and put your home’s comfort in jeopardy. Please contact a professional HVAC technician when cleaning your unit. 

Proper cleaning helps the unit run more efficiently by freeing up dirt and grime from the internal components. Dust clogs air filters quickly, which causes airflow loss. By default, the air that escapes is filled with dust and other pollutants. Cleaning your filters not only improves your unit’s airflow but also revitalizes the air quality in your home. A clean unit can keep your family from getting sick and help lower your power bill. 

Programmable Thermostats Help

Even though a programmable thermostat is a harsh upfront expense, it’s important to note how these instruments will help you save on your electricity long term. Manually setting your thermostat can become a tiresome task that can easily fall by the wayside. You can change the temperature for bed, only to forget to change it before you leave for work. To save money, it’s important to keep a consistent temperature setting throughout the day/night. For reference, read up on our post called Best Seasonal Thermostat Settings.

Programmable thermostats provide the ability to control your home’s internal temperatures from a mobile device. These instruments can learn your routine and create a system that cools/heats only when you’re home.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Older HVAC systems tend to consume more energy than newer systems. If your home has an older system, it may be time to upgrade your heating and cooling. Throughout your current HVAC’s life, manufacturers made countless innovations in terms of efficiency. If your system is old, consider replacing the entirety of the HVAC system.  If you opt to replace only the unit, you may not enjoy the full benefit of an upgraded system. 

Any More Questions?

If you have any questions involving how to best cool or heat your home, call Hammock’s AC and speak with one of our seasoned technicians. We can inform, inspect, or repair any cooling or heating system in most cases quickly. We’ll help create the best solution for your home. Remember, we’re not comfortable until you are! 

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