How Often Should I Replace My Heating System?

The air conditioning system is an essential element that gives you comfort no matter the season. It enables you to enjoy indoor life both in the winter and summer. For a functional system, you need to keep a close eye and ensure frequent maintenance and repairs; however, there is always an end to everything. There comes a time when you have to think of a complete replacement. Here are the main signs that you need a heating system replacement. 


How Old is It?


There’s no specific age limit that you need to replace your system, especially if it has been under frequent maintenance. In most cases, you’ll need a replacement of your system when it clocks above ten years. This is because the system can experience significant problems at this point, rendering it ineffective.


However, if under frequent maintenance, you can use it for an additional 5 to 10 years. If you have an old furnace beyond 15 years, you need to focus on getting a new one. It’s worth noting that some systems may have warranties of about 12 years.


Major and Frequent Repairs

Much as you may need to repair your system, it can get worse, needing frequent repairs countless times. Even if it’s a small part that keeps getting damaged, it’s high time you should rethink the best way out.


Frequent repairs can not only be tiring but will also cost you more money in the long run. Moreover, as the system ages, you may not find replacement parts in the market, making the whole experience so frustrating. Therefore, when you realize that you spend more money to repair your system frequently, you should go for a new system.


Yellow Flames


A functional system will have a clear flame that is crisp and blue. This indicates that the system is healthy and clean. It’s also a sign that the system has no leaks or other safety issues.


Start the system and check the type of flames being produced. If the flame isn’t clear, it could be a sign that your system needs cleaning. However, more damages can cause carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks that can harm your loved ones.


When you notice that the system produces yellow flames, ensure you replace it as soon as possible to prevent more damages that can be very costly in the long run. In this case, you can seek professional help from an expert who can quickly identify issues with the system and offer possible solutions. Maintenance Tasks That Prevent HVAC Issues


High Energy Bills


After investing money in your heating system, the last thing you’d want is to pay higher energy bills. However, this can happen when your furnace is old and inefficient. Sometimes, you may experience increased energy bills even before the system reaches its lifespan. This could be due to low maintenance, among other causes.


When you start paying high energy bills, you need to think of replacing your system. A new system is efficient, and you don’t need to pay high energy bills. However, ensure you choose the right furnace. In this case, you’ll need to do in-depth research and learn about the various types of air conditioning systems and their efficiencies.


You want to be sure that you purchase a suitable system that will serve all your heating and cooling needs without costing you more money on the energy bills.


Additionally, it would be best if you choose the right contractor to help you with the installation. This is because not all contractors have adequate skills to install the system. If poorly installed, it can struggle to cool your home efficiently. Meaning, it’ll have to work harder to meet your heating and cooling needs, which leads to increased energy bills.


Loud Noises


Some systems may produce noise as they age yet, still function well. That could be normal, and you may not need to worry much. However, when you notice that the blower sounds louder and that the outdoor unit produces more noise, it could be a sign that your system needs a replacement.


Also, watch out for a groaning and banging furnace, and when the air conditioner starts producing noise before it starts up. In some cases, the noise may reduce when you do repairs, but if it persists even after frequent repairs, it’s a sign that you need a heating system replacement immediately. 


The Bottom Line


The air conditioning system can sometimes be complicated, and you may not quickly know the issue and when you should replace it. Using the tips above will help you keep a close eye on your system and take the necessary steps to install a new one. For the best results, you’d want to engage a contractor to help you. Never assume that your system is okay before you check it. This can lead to a breakdown when you need it most.

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