Frequently Asked Questions about Replacing HVAC

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in your home and no matter what temperature you set your thermostat to, the room doesn’t seem to cool off. You’re sweating on your couch watching TV with nothing else to do but sit through it. Being without HVAC can be extremely uncomfortable if in a warm climate; however, knowing when to repair versus replace your system can seem like a difficult decision. Many homeowners struggle with this same question. When do the repairs become too costly to keep your old system alive? How do you decide when you should upgrade your HVAC? To make this decision easier, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about replacing HVAC. 

Should I Replace or Repair My HVAC System?

Yearly maintenance and inspection can help prevent many HVAC issues; however, replacing your air conditioning may be necessary when you are having continual problems that require repair.

Consider replacing an HVAC system when it reaches 10+ years old. A new and more efficient unit will reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bill. While this may seem like a costly investment, the savings will eventually add up to make the overhead costs worthwhile. Special financing is available for those who need it. 

If Part of My Cooling or Heating System Breaks, Should I Replace All HVAC Equipment?

Our HVAC technicians will direct you to the best available purchase for your home. If this involves a singular part to keep your unit going, we’ll recommend that. When you need to replace your entire unit because of the repair costs, we’ll recommend that to you. These decisions are based purely upon the most cost-effective option available for your home.

How Do I Know What Size HVAC Unit I Need?

The interior space of your home determines the size of your cooling and heating unit. A larger home needs a more powerful HVAC system to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature both in summer and winter.

Trying to save money by installing a smaller, less costly unit will not work as it will need to run constantly as it struggles to keep the temperature within the home stable.

The result is expensive utility bills and shorter lifespan of the HVAC system as it stresses the components by cycling on and off way more than it should. Try our unit size calculator to find the exact specs you need. 

Should I Replace the AC If I See Water Puddling?

If water begins to pool inside your home, your HVAC system could potentially have an issue with your condensate line or drain pan. If you have pooling outside your home around your unit, you could potentially have an overheating issue or a problem with the fan. In either case, call your HVAC technicians to have them inspect the issue at hand. In most cases, this is a relatively inexpensive repair.

Call Hammock’s AC

If you have any questions involving why you should replace your HVAC system, call Hammock’s AC to speak with one of our seasoned technicians. We can inform, inspect, or repair any cooling or heating system in most cases quickly. These are just a few examples of frequently asked questions about replacing HVAC. To find out more, please contact us to see what your HVAC may need. 

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