Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Worth It

Homeowners all have one big thing in common: they want to save money. One of the main ways to save money is to continuously do routine maintenance to your home’s HVAC system. Preventative maintenance keeps issues from becoming costly and can maximize your system’s longevity. Many HVAC companies offer monthly maintenance plans that can spread out payments over time. These plans come at a range of prices that provide a range of useful perks and discounts. Despite all of this, some homes choose not to consider an HVAC maintenance plan. In this article, we’ll answer the burning question: are HVAC maintenance plans worth it? 

Significantly Cut Costs

The monthly cost of a maintenance plan makes the pricing worth it. For example, our plans start at only $11 per month. When you purchase a maintenance plan, you’ll be spreading out the costs of seasonal checkups into monthly installments that can be manageable for almost every home. If you know your home’s HVAC system often needs repair, you’ll be saving money long term.

In most cases, a standard AC checkup can cost upwards of $75-$200 depending on location, time of year, and several other factors. By splitting up your payments into installments, you’ll avoid the risk of a high-cost checkup and use your funds in a more efficient manner. 

Depending on each maintenance plan’s individual differences, you’ll receive certain perks that make the cost worthwhile. Priority passes, small discounts and extended warranties make the overhead cost of a maintenance plan from Hammock’s AC. Paired with low monthly installments, your costs will be cut as long as you don’t need significant repairs.

Take Advantage of Massive Perks

Some HVAC companies attach perks to their maintenance plans to make them more attractive to customers. For example, we mentioned priority passes and limited discounts on certain items. Some plans feature waived service call fees, quarterly visits instead of bi-annual, and extended warranties on parts on our systems. This makes sure our subscribed customers get the best care possible.

Additionally, companies want to ensure customer satisfaction. This means going the extra mile for those who put enough trust in their company. We appreciate it, so including these perks truly explains why an HVAC maintenance plan is worth it. 

Consistency From a Provider You Trust

A maintenance plan from a technician you trust provides the consistent maintenance relationship your home needs. If the same technician goes to your home on each visit, they’ll be familiar with your system and be able to provide you with the best care possible. 

Contact Hammock’s AC

Our highly-skilled technicians can ensure your HVAC unit is running at safe levels for the entire summer. We’ll help you find the best value maintenance plan for your home. To learn more about HVAC maintenance plans, contact one of our incredible technicians by clicking the link below.