All You Need to Know About the R22 Freon Phase Out

Have you been thinking about replacing your air conditioner recently? You might be wondering when is the best time to purchase a new unit . Before you do, it’s a good idea to learn about R22 Freon and the new regulations that are being passed. If you are an HVAC technician, then you have probably heard about the R22 phase out. For those who haven’t, we have all the information you need to know.

What is the R22 Freon Phase Out?

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For starters, what is R22? R22 is the old, standard type of refrigerant or Freon that was used in residential AC units. Recently, it has been found to have negative environmental impacts, such as destroying the ozone layer. The production of R22 has been attempting to phase out over the past few years and HVAC technicians are having to make the switch to new ozone-friendly refrigerants for your home.

In January of this year, R22 production dropped to 55 percent from the previous year. By 2020, R22 Freon should be completely illegal, so there will be no imports of it into the United States, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

What Does R22 Freon Phase Out Mean for You?

For homeowners and HVAC technicians, this means that old air conditioning units will be more difficult and more expensive to repair and replace. As the months go on and we get closer and closer to 2020, homeowners and business owners will be in the same boat as you- trying to replace their AC unit before the R22 Freon is gone. If your unit breaks down and you are in need of an emergency replacement, you could be without AC for quite some time while you wait for availability from your HVAC company.
The best thing you can do is to replace your system proactively to avoid higher costs in the future. From now until the end of the year, you can still get R22 and fix a broken AC unit, but the rising costs of the Freon as the supply gets low will mean an expensive repair. Not only will changing your unit now reduce costs, but it will also help protect the environment from the long term damage of R22 Freon. Another thing that you can do is find the right reliable HVAC company for consultation and to help with this problem. Hammock’s AC is here to help with all your needs, together we will find the best solution.
We also ask you to be aware of the potential of unethical contractors. Some contractors may try to sell a retro fit system to unassuming home owners with promises of equipment that will not be compatible with R410A, which is the leading replacement Freon. They also could replace the systems but use “scare tactics” to convince the home or business owner to replace they systems now in lieu of planning and working with the scheduled take down of R-22 and charging a lot more money than actually needed.

How Can Hammock’s AC Help?

Don’t wait until R22 is completely gone to fix your unit. If you are in need to replace a broken or old air conditioning unit, then call Hammock’s AC today! Our licensed technicians are available to answer any questions about R22 Freon or any other heating and cooling problems you might have. We also offer a 24/7 hour emergency service to fix your problem at any time of the day.