Most homeowners rely on an air conditioning system to enhance the quality of their indoor space with cooling comfort during the summer months. AC units can run for many years with regular maintenance, but they will need to be replaced over time. When this time comes, you need a reputable and reliable service provider to do the job properly and with utmost professionalism. Our clients ask us a common question: when should they replace their AC unit. Here are several things recommended by the experts at Hammocks AC when replacing an AC unit.

Age and Efficiency

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 12 to 17 years with proper care and maintenance. If your unit has deteriorated in efficiency and performance, it might be time you considered replacing your unit. Without breaking the bank, we can help you pick out an energy-efficient unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER). You stand to save a lot of money with a new one, as opposed to constantly repairing an old unit and high utility bills.

Space Changes

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or made significant alterations to your home, buying the same AC size is not always the way to go. Working with a professional ensures everything is done right, from installation to repairs and maintenance. Our contractor can conduct a comprehensive load analysis to accurately measure your space to help estimate the right air conditioner size before making a decision.

AC Replacement Cost

Utility and government rebates are offered depending on the unit you install, helping you save money on a new installation. If you are on a budget, rebates help offset the cost. Our expert technician will evaluate your current air conditioning system and determine whether a new unit can better serve you. We take the time to review the available options to help you make informed decisions based on your budget and cooling requirements.

There is a lot to consider before replacing your AC, which can be overwhelming. At Hammocks AC, we have a team ready to answer all your questions. Contact us today and get professional help choosing a new air conditioning system.